The greatest dragon maid to exist, ever!

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Why should you choose Tohru out of the many waifus out there?

I'm glad you asked!

She's loyal.

Have you ever seen Tohru even

consider leaving Kobayashi's side?


She's very stronk!

From opening portals to

pummeling purse snatchers,

she can do it all!

She's the best housemaid!

Cooks, vacuums, licks

your clothes clean.

And she likes it.

And of course,

She can bring about

the Armageddon!

Now, let's look at the competition...

  • Supporting character laziliy tacked onto the last five episodes
  • Failed in her mission to bring Tohru back, is now stuck in this world
  • Can’t even open portals
  • Welcome to the FBI Sex Offender Registry.
  • Adorable loli, not waifu material. Know the difference.
  • Will molest anyone under the age of 12
  • Definition of excess
  • Stripped of her godhood
  • No sense of propriety
  • Literally an otaku NEET
  • He probably won’t like you
  • Can’t even handle spicy food

What do experts have to say on Tohru as a waifu?

"Tohru is probably the best thing since the emancipation of slaves in America."

-Abraham Lincoln

"If I wasn't celibate..."

-Pope Francis

"The one thing you can't buy is the perfect waifu, and Tohru is not for sale."

-Bill Gates

"Maybe anime wasn't a complete mistake."

-Hayao Miyazaki

Let's take a look at some of her physical attributes while we're at it!